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Missy and Rachel toe tappin’ on the porch of the Juju Bag cafe slash barber salon in New Orleans

The Pachamamacitas are more than a band, more than two amigas, more than a coupla’ chicas writing silly songs and poems about regular guys like Hugh. Though perhaps not a hell of a lot more than that.

Who are you two?

Hi there! We’re Missy and Rachel, on the left and right of that photo, respectively. Today Missy lives in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and Rachel in New Orleans, but we’ve been creating songs, poems, and art together ever since our high school days in Oxford, Mississippi. Our music has its roots in bonfires, balconies, comfort, good friends, and delicious beverages! We hope to keep that spirit alive in everything we do, even if we become super worldly and all that.

We write songs about a variety of topics, some fairly controversial, usually with copious amounts of blunt humor and a pinch of honesty. Missy performs them occasionally in Utrecht, and Rachel twiddles her thumbs in New Orleans wondering when her next trip to the Netherlands will be.

Papa mama what now?

Life has pulled us in many directions far from our quaint hometown of Oxford. Yet somehow, we’re more connected than ever to each other, and to the sacred Pachamama, which means Mother Earth to some indigenous Andean peoples in South America.  We’ve combined this term with mamacita, which means “intriguingly attractive lady friend”, to express a mixture of the two: we’re a pair of down to earth, life-giving, happy-to-be-here, I’ll-have-what-you’re-having, all-around tantalizing chicas.

pachamamaticas, missy assink, rachel farrell
Missy and Rachel writing poems on demand during the International Grand Slam Poetry Competition in Belleville, Paris

Who’s that other girl?

That’s Caroline! She joined the band recently. She has mad recording skills and sings like a bamf. And plays guitar. What’s not to love?

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